Services From SoulPlay

Wisdom of the Body Consultation Groups for:

~Spiritual Leaders/Clergy

These groups meet every other week, are ongoing and have a maximum of 8 participants. New groups are formed as current ones fill.

One to One Focus Sessions

An hour and a half session with CathyAnn using InterPlay forms to investigate issues, challenges, successes or anything else you want to research with a spirit of play.

The InterPlay Life Practice Program (go to - Life Practice Program)

Couples Workshops

“Play dates” for any couple who wants more fun, spark, excitement and passion. Moving, telling our stories, singing and stillness are four ways InterPlay restores soul, creates ease, fosters intimacy, and transforms relationship challenges. Workshops are scheduled throughout the year.

Performance Workshops

Practice the craft of InterPlay. Workshops culminate in a performance! Workshops are scheduled throughout the year.

Basics of InterPlay Classes

National and International Workshops, Conferences, Symplaysiums and Untensives

Contact CathyAnn for details and cost of all services