SoulPlay Testimonials

Therapist's Testimonials

“CathyAnn Beaty is a sensitive and intelligent teacher. Every other week I get to play with her and a great group of wild and crazy therapists where we swing, hang, thrust and shape our way into ever deeper appreciation for our clients and ourselves. I am always amazed at the beauty of a group of therapists when we let go and play together. Playing helps me not only ‘shake it out’ but also to ‘shake it in’. I am a better, more relaxed, creative and happier therapist through regular playing with CathyAnn. InterPlay helps me hold the hardest therapy moments with ease and grace. It helps me to stay awake, It helps me to stay alive.” ~ Anita Doyle LICSW

"Many of our clients are stuck in some way, unable to “get moving,” others can’t seem to stop moving! InterPlay is a way to practice movement and stillness from the “bottom-up,” that is, non-verbally, experientially, playfully. InterPlay widens our repertoire of skills beyond emotion and cognition. And when we remember our own ability to move and play, we provide an example for our clients. Sometimes learning can be fun!"
~ Martha Osterberg LICSW

“ I had the opportunity to begin attending an InterPlay group for psychotherapists about 1 1/2 years ago. I immediately felt as if I arrived home. As I became more curious about my body experience in the group I became more committed. When I am not able to attend I feel something lacking in my personal life and in my psychotherapy practice. InterPlay has allowed me to access my own body wisdom through movement, play and non-verbal connection with others. In turn I have been able to bring my experience to each psychotherapy session and be present for each client in a more embodied manner. For me I InterPlay provides an experience where I can integrate mind-body psychotherapy, meditation and spiritual practice, movement and meaningful interpersonal connection. InterPlay has allowed me to deepen my experience of myself, then in turn sit with my clients in a more embodied, connected manner.” ~ Denise Hanna Bisanz M.S.W., LICSW

Spiritual Leader's/Clergy Testimonials

“Working with CathyAnn has been a real gift in my life. Interplay is so fully embodied in her being that she is able to hold the container and witness my "play" effortlessly. This allows my body's soul to unfold itself in ways that teach me what is moving under the surface of my life, and moves and integrates whatever that is in beautiful and unexpected ways. It keeps me alive. CathyAnn offers me profound insight about and encouragement for my own journey for which I am most grateful.” ~ MHS, Zen priest, chaplain and voice coach

“As a hospital chaplain, I need places to truly integrate body, mind and spirit, in order to be present to my patients and their loved ones. Interplay provides that space for me in a way that is fun, creative and spiritually satisfying. It helps me to discover what's really going on in my own soul in a way that nothing else can do. I can't imagine my life and work without Interplay!” ~ Rev. Paula Biddle (UCC)

“Interplay transforms my life--gently. I bring my self to the playing and with others a gentle shift happens in my being with whatever I am working with most. As a circle of women grounded in the spiritual life, Interplay becomes an active communal spiritual practice. Together we honor the human and the divine and the complex interplay of Spirit coursing through the middle of our lives. We learn and celebrate and honor the holy. This group is a practice that supports my own growth as a person and that informs my work with others.” ~ Sister Sarah Hennessy FSPA

“Interplay with Cathy Ann has changed my life in so many ways. Her cheerful manner is welcoming and ease-making, even when I'm creaky. The deeply perceptive and compassionate guidance she offers has helped me befriend my body, its natural movement and expression, within the group and throughout my life. Cathy Ann is a role model for the gentle use of curiosity to explore and connect with knowledge that lies beyond the realm of words. As a result, I bring more sensitivity to my work as an art therapist, in supporting my clients' expression and self awareness.”
~ Nancy Ward, Art Therapist